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Ready to bring to life your musical project?

Have a seat in MonteMix Studio and let you to carry !

Beginners or experienced musicians, we welcome you in a professional
Studio, equipped with high-end equipment for uncompromising sound quality.
Music production, sound recording with instruments or voice arrangement.

Book your recording session according to YOUR needs!


the recording studio in Grenoble that carries out all your artistic projects

Our production and recording studio has been designed to meet all your needs:
- Audio production and audio recording
- Recording session & Musical creation
- Music production and music recordings
- Acoustic treatment and monitoring
- Sound mixing and sound design
- Mastering and beatmaking on demand

An efficient control room for editing and mixing:

The control room of our recording studio has been designed to be able to mix any
types of musical and sound productions. From stereo to 7.1 surround, our calibrated hardware
adapts to all your requests.


The listening system is composed of passive and active elements and offers great versatility
for a custom sound creation.
On the hardware side: amps, preamps, sound cards and microphones have been carefully selected to
guarantee perfect sound!


Our music studio also has a control room equipped with prestigious brands
such as: Adam Audio, JBL Pro, Yamaha or Focusrite Pro.
​ The acoustics and calibration of our recording studio was carried out in partnership
with At Home.

A unique booth, a recording studio for everyone!

The studio's recording booth is suitable for all your requests:

-Voice recording

- Instrument

- Dubbing

- Sound effects

- Sound production

- Compositions, models


Whatever the type of source, the acoustics of our booth will embellish each of the sound recordings that will be made!


MonteMix Studio include the services of a qualified and creative sound engineer!

During studio recording, you also have a live preview on the
control room and latency-free listening to your performance thanks to our Dante listening system;)

Reservations and Rates in recording studio in Grenoble

Are you ready to record in the studio? Or are you looking for a mixing and

mastering studio remotely for your musical productions?


Get a personalized quote and book your recording or mixing session depending on your project!


Sit behind the mic, make yourself comfortable and give your best!

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