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Do you have an audio post-production project or need mastering for your compositions?
Our mixing and mastering studio remotely offers you the possibility to create, mix, record and realize all your musical and sound productions!

Audio Post-Production
(Grenoble, Lyon and remotely)


Sound Design

Thanks to our sound banks and the recording of sound effects in our Booth, we give life to your creations!
THE sound design is a work of meticulousness where our creativity 
expresses himself to obtain the best of sounds.

Layer after layer, listen to your sound being "sculpted", until he reach perfect sound quality!

Recording of Voice and Dubbing

The dubbing (Voice over) is recorded and mixed according to the rules of the art!

OUR recording studio has a modern booth and equipped with standard professional audio equipment (post-synchronization software, microphones, headphones, preamps...).

At MonteMix Studio, you can also benefit from the services of a qualified sound engineer, included in your recording session!


Surround mixing Studio

 Mixing is a crucial step for your soundtrack. We can offer you stereo or surround mixes, ranging from 5.1 to 7.1!
Our mixing studio in Grenoble offers a calibrated control room and high quality acoustic treatment.
Editing and mixing are done with high-end equipment:

Adam Audio and JBL Pro.
(mixing console, amp, converter, monitoring speakers, recording equipment...).

Music Production


Recording in studio at Grenoble

Are you a beginner or a professional and want to record in the studio?
Do you want to produce a single, a mixtape, a demo or an album?
Push the door of MonteMix and discover a recording, mixing and mastering studio designed to accommodate all types of music and vocal recordings.

A good recording of the song is a crucial step that allows you to achieve the perfect mix afterwards!

It is therefore decisive for the final result of your project.
To guarantee a quality sound recording,

the acoustics of our music studio have been carefully designed.

On the microphone, preamp and converter side, the MonteMix Studio team have also selected renowned musical equipment!

The last parameter and one of the most important for the recording of the album!

It's that you are ready and comfortable to get the best sound recording that meets your musical expectations;)

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